Zip: 02653
City: Orleans
Address: One Main St. Square

Oceana is a spacious boutique, featuring three galleries and a loft, yet still allows a welcome feeling of intimacy as you peruse the many items that the store has to offer. We invite you to wander amongst the American crafts, tabletop accoutrements and designs – all simple and elegant – specialty toiletries and comestibles, gifts for babies and young children, and so many more home accents and handmade collections featured at Oceana. We offer also an extensive jewelry collection including pieces crafted in sterling silver and 14-karat white and yellow gold, pearls, semi-precious and precious gemstones, as well as authentic sea glass designs. You may recognize the craftsmanship of jewelers such as Ed Levin, Sorrelli, Tom Kruskal, Michael Michaud, and Steven Douglas in our eclectic mix of jewelry. In addition, Oceana is pleased to feature artistic prints, photographs, and other mediums created by local artists, here by the sea.

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