Zip: 03257
City: New London
Address: 186 Main Street

Jewelry, Handcrafts & Gifts

Fine & Collectible Jewelry, Pottery & Glass, Accessories, Apparel, Children and Layette, Candles & Lotions, Gourmet Foods, Soup Mixes and Snacks, Books, Greeting Cards and Gifts.

Artisan's is an experience and a place; we are deeply inspired by the many artists who create and design as both a passion and a living; we love things that are fun, imaginative and make us laugh, or ponder, or want to share with others. We are intrigued and thrilled by the STORIES of the people who make US possible... their inspirations, their craft, and their creations.

We are honored to have the opportunity to share those stories with you.

At Artisan’s, we look forward to meeting you, and to opening the doors to a truly vibrant, colorful, imaginative and inspiring experience.

Thank you for choosing Artisan's for your gifts, and for your patronage of small, independently owned businesses in tax-free New Hampshire!

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