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Award Winning Designs

With understandable pride filling our hearts, we decided to reflect back on the last few years of award winning designs. Here are the best of our best!

Here's what customer's have to say:

"I have worn my “signature bracelet” every day, since 1997-98ish. Literally. With a few exceptions like maybe hospital visits, and an occasional Sunday... My boyfriend of the time bought it for me at a little shop in the West End of Dallas. It’s only sentimental value now is that I HAVE worn it every day. :)" - Kristi, New Braunfels, Texas

"I love the the shape, fit and designs. The bracelets come in smaller sizes, unlike commercial bracelets that are almost always too big. Creative, different and beautiful." - Anonymous, Saratoga Springs, NY

"I bought these earrings in DC several years ago on a short break from the UK. Although a considered purchase I couldn’t resist them and I haven’t regretted treating myself. They are my everyday earnings as they’re so comfortable to wear but likewise they are dramatic and unusual enough to wear for an evening out. I’ve had so many complimentary comments about them, from an assistant at Tiffany's to a till operator at my local grocery store. A winning design." - HJ, Charles City, VA

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