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"Our business with Ed Levin has grown consistently, year over year, in good economies and bad, because trendless designs at a great price will always be in style to celebrate life’s milestones. The staff at Ed Levin is truly a joy to work with, they are down-to-earth, caring, and devoted to the success of their retail partners." - R.F. Moeller, ST. Paul, MN

"Over the past decade, Mon Amie has collaborated with Ed Levin (EL Designs), their jewelry swiftly becoming a lasting staple here at Mon Amie. Through the years, everyone at Ed Levin (EL Designs) has become more than business partners, they have grown into long time friends. Working with them is easy and straightforward, making operations effortless. They make things happen and truly want to celebrate our success as a growing business" - Mon Amie, Keene, NH

"Northeastern Fine Jewelry is a proud partner of EL Designs. Their handcrafted jewelry allows for EL Design’s unique style to shine through. Our customers rave about the perfectly fit bracelets, the distinguished gemstone fashion pieces, and the comfort of being able to wear them every day." - Northeastern Fine Jewelry, Schenectady, NY

"We began doing business with Ed Levin Designs in 1985 and continue to be wowed by their excellence. While being mindful of timeless design, they continue to refresh and add to that base, keeping our customers happy and coming back for more. Ed Levin's service and lifetime warranty on workmanship is unmatched. I have even been able to help clients who purchased Ed Levin Designs at other stores match a favorite lost earring instead of having to purchase a new pair or replace a treasured ring that is no longer a stock item. They make delivering the "Wow factor" to customers seamless. No wonder they have been in business for over 70 years! - Thank you!" - Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmiths, Santa Fe, NM

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