Information on Metals offered in E.L. Designs Jewelry

Sterling Silver

E.L. Designs has been considered a silver design studio for over 50 years. Each and every design we create is available in quality .925 sterling silver, offering exquisite design at lower price points.

14 Karat Gold

Gold is Luxury. We use great care in designing our jewelry to be comfortable and durable as well as visually appealing. Many of our designs are also offered in 14K Gold, and a few also have 14K Rose Gold options.


E.L. Designs offers jewelry pieces made with both sterling silver and 14k gold for an added bit of lively design. Often these may be 14k gold accents on sterling pieces, or 14k earwires on sterling earrings for those sensitive lobes. A few designs may also be available in sterling silver and 14k rose gold.

How to View Metals Offered for a Design

While viewing a design, use the menu selections for "Metal" to select the design style you wish to view. The image will refresh to show a sample of the design in the metal of your choosing.

Assorted Metal Samples

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