Repairs & Refurbishing

Repair and Refurbish

Looking Good as New

We offer polishing, repair, and refurbish services for any jewelry manufactured by E.L. Designs. Depending on the condition and service there could be a nominal fee. If you wish to have your jewelry cleaned and polished by us please call 1-800-828-1122 with your inquiry.

Allow 14 business days for repair processing.

Earring Mates

We can mate most earrings, even some of the oldest of designs, with the exception of designs requiring materials we no longer have on hand. Handcrafted jewelry will have some variation from piece to piece, so we recommend that you send us the original earring to use as a match for the piece we are creating. We will reshape and polish the original to match its new mate. To get started on replacing that lost earring, contact our customer service department at 800-828-1122 Monday through Friday 9:00 - 4:00 Eastern.

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